Start Advertising & Marketing is now StartiMarketing, a brand under The START Group.


George Eade, Graphic Designer

Our Team

It takes talent to be a great, responsive listener. You'll find that and more at The START Group.

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Our philosophy is simple:

It's not our job to show how clever we can be. Rather, it's our job to show your customers how good you are.

The sales philosophy we espouse (and follow ourselves) is equally simple:

The answer is always "Yes!" - the only question is the price. "If it is legal, moral, ethical, profitable, and preferably fun, we'll do it." (Ask us why.)

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About The START Group

The START Group is the name given to our family of companies: Start iMarketing, Start Corporation, and Start Performance.

With 40+ years of experience in marketing and advertising, we've learned the importance of completing projects on target, on budget, and on time. We have a track record of predicting and providing accurate and measurable results by identifying prospects and then executing effective marketing, teleservices and training programs.

Our name is Start because our specialty is helping companies start up or start something—a new division, a new market, a new service, or a new initiative.

Start iMarketing

Looking to reach the right audience in all the right ways? Our purpose is to grow your business with a full array of online and offline marketing and advertising services. Our strategy? Aim the right message—At the right time—To the right audience—For measurable impact.

Start Corporation

Need a Customer Care resource to handle your after-hours calls? Need a better way to stay in touch with your customers? We provide industry-leading Inbound and Outbound Customer Care for all your answering service, technical support and telecommunications services needs.

Start Performance

Want to Improve your Team's Performance? Start Performance is a leading provider of support and training services for independent telcos and other national B2B, financial, & medical clients. Our unique knowledge and technical proficiency, combined with timely sales and service skills, deliver highly effective trainings that produce measurable results.